Our Investment PhilosophyThe Big Picture

The Big Picture

We are a full service real estate investment firm that targets undervalued assets in niche markets.

Starting with mismanaged apartment buildings in the late 90’s, we have consistently identified investment opportunities that provide high yields by focusing on the following key strategic points:

We believe that the manufactured housing industry affords precisely the kind of opportunities that have proven lucrative for our investors in the past—manufactured homes are often poorly financed, stigmatized and mismanaged.

Stable Returns

Our investment opportunities provide our clients with the stable income they are seeking to meet their financial objectives.

By bringing capital and a fresh approach to the industry, we intend to unlock the real potential of these assets and in so doing generate healthy, low risk returns for our investors.

The opportunity lies in the fact that despite the misperceptions about this asset class, manufactured homes produce income streams that are often more stable and more profitable than other income producing assets like apartment buildings.

Income PortfoliosA Few Benefits

No Mortgage Payments

Enjoy the benefits of not having to deal with a mortgage payment.

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No Property Taxes

Manufactured homes don't have any property taxes.

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No Unexpected Capital Improvements

Manufactured homes don't include unexpected and costly capital improvements.

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Better Tax Advantages - 7 Year Depreciation

Depreciation for manufactured homes are over 7.5 years instead of 27.5 years.

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